tuntec technical services

scada: supervisory control and data acquisition

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (industrial supervision system which processes a large number of measurements in real time.

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Design and installation of computer networks

Present in the field of IT networks and telecommunications, in particular by offering our customers installation services.

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Design and installation of electrical

Our expertise allows us to intervene in the study and execution phase on industrial electrical works and buildings of all sizes.

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Fire safety and automatic extinction

The automatic fire extinguishing system helps protect property and people from the risk of fire.

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Network monitoring or supervision is a monitoring process that allows you to control and verify the proper functioning of an IT structure.

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Physical perimeter security

The company must delay or prevent physical access to premises, systems and information by unauthorized parties.

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Logical perimeter security

The evolution of threats as well as the increase in tools and applications used make security a major issue for businesses.

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Video surveillance

a surveillance camera is another security device from the moment it is integrated into a real video surveillance system.

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The fire safety detection system

The fire safety system (SSI) represents all the equipment that can secure buildings against the risk of fire.

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tuntec facilities management

Valuing human resources

We empower our employees by supporting them in developing their career plans – Sourcing, recruitment, mobility, coaching, training, temporary work, HR consulting.

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Optimizing work environments

Our Facility Management services include cleaning, security, reception, flex services, environment, green spaces and technical services.

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tuntec values


No place for any compromise when it comes to act with full integrity with our clients, partners, employees, suppliers while respecting ethics norms.

Customer oriented

Our customers are at the core of our business. We commit to provide them with good quality services using the most innovative technologies aiming at reaching their satisfaction.


In our daily business, we commit to act with full respect we owe to individuals, treating them as equals without any discrimination, while respecting the environment we work in.


Valuing various talents of our employees, their initiative and the leadership of our employees

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