Fire safety and automatic extinction

Our aim is the protection of valuable resources and critical facilities of your establishment. 

The automatic fire extinguisher system helps protect property and people from the risk of fire. Its automatic implementation makes it operative day and night, coupled with a fire detection system, the unit will have as basic function:

Continually monitor a risk;

Set off the fire alarm in the event of operation;

Depending on its design, it is possible to extinguish the fire, contain it, or cool structures.

Good flame extinction always starts with good fire detection, different types of extinguishing solution are offered by TUNTEC depending on the need studied.

tuntec offers various fixed fire extinguisher systems

FM-200 gas extinguishing systems

FM-200 gas is an effective and reliable fire protection solutions for high-value assets, processes and locations as well as for those working within these protected areas.

How it works

The gas is released through a network of pipes in the protected area where it is diffused to extinguish the fire mainly through the absorption of heat. There is no risk of damage from thermal shock to sensitive electronic equipment and the FM-200 is non-conductive and non-corrosive. In addition, it leaves no oily deposits or residue which could damage data files or communication equipment, which implies a reduction in costs and cleaning time after discharge.

Automatic water extinction (sprinkler)

A sprinkler installation protects people and property against the risk of fire. Its automatic nature makes it operative day and night. The sprinkler consists in releasing as soon as possible a quantity of water adapted to the dreaded disaster in an area where a fire has started to be detected. Watering is maintained to contain the fire until emergency intervention and manual closing of the valves.

Role of a sprinkler system: extinguish the fire or at least contain it so that the extinction can be carried out by the means of the protected establishment or by the fire brigade

IG55 Fire Suppression

This is a blend of 50% Argon & 50% Blend of Nitrogen. The fire suppression gas is blended to offer better buoyancy for the fire suppression agent keeping the fire suppression gas at higher levels in the protected enclosure for longer!

The gas is highly environmentally acceptable An Inergen / IG55 fire suppression system is especially suitable on account of the following:

  • design concentrations of atmospheric gas are not harmful to human health,

  • high fire extinguishing efficiency,
  • very rapid action,
  • minimum reduction of the visual range during fire fighting,
  • maximum dispersion of gas in the protected room,
  • good mixing of gas with air,
  • the gas is noncorrosive, electrically non-conductive and does not cause cold shocks to electronic devices,
  • the gas is highly environmentally acceptable