The fire safety detection system

The fire safety system (SSI) represents all the equipment that can secure buildings against the risk of fire. Among the safety functions is the compartmentalisation, smoke extraction and evacuation of establishments. The installation of a smoke extraction system is mandatory in a high-rise building and some operating categories in ERP. The purpose of the ISS is to allow people to take shelter by facilitating the intervention of firefighters and by slowing the spread of flame. To do this, the system must be able to detect the fire, alert and secure the building.


The fire safety detection system

TUNTEC offers a wide range of products:

  • Conventional and addressable fire detection panels
  • Special point detectors (linear, high sensitivity smoke detectors)
  • Autonomous sound devices
  • Control systems

These SSI categories are determined by the establishment for which they are intended (L, M, N, O …) and the number of people eligible in this establishment and the nature of the establishment’s activity.

The SSI category A, B, C, D, or E determines the type of alarm equipment to be installed.

The alarm equipment is classified by type (1, 2a, 2b, 3, and 4).

For example, we offer to type 4 alarm systems, for the least important ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public), consist of an autonomous central unit on battery integrating a sound diffuser (DS) and a manual trigger (DM), or a central unit capable of managing one to two lines of manual triggers and a line of DS.

Several elements can be connected by cables or by radio system.


  • Establishment Receiving Workers: from 1 to 700 people without flammable material

  • Underground or aerial station: 1 to 300 people
  • Restaurant and performance hall: 1 to 700 people
  • Shopping Center, Administration / Bank and Workbenches. teaching: 1 to 300 people
  • Library: 1 to 100 people
  • Dance / Games Room: 1 to 20 people
  • Exhibition hall: 1 to 300 people
  • Established. indoor sportsman: 1 to 700 people
  • Establishment of worship
  • Museum: 1 to 1500 people

The SSI systems that we make available to our customers as required can be coupled to remote alert and monitoring systems as they can automatically control systems for closing and opening fire doors or accesses as well only smoke extraction and automatic extinguishing systems.